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What to Look For in a Dog Toothpaste

What to Look For in a Dog Toothpaste

You know that you need to ensure optimum dental care for dogsAside from nutritious food as well as regular visits to the veterinarian for the removal of dog plaque and the performance of thorough dog dental cleaning, it is also important to brush your dog’s teeth. However, unlike human toothpaste that may contain harsh chemicals harmful to your dog, it is very important to use only veterinarian-approved dog toothpaste as well as dog toothbrush in order to ensure optimum dental care for dogs and help prevent dental health problems.

The question however is how to choose the best toothpaste for dogs. All experts agree that human toothpaste should never use on dogs. Additionally, looking for an all natural dog toothpaste is equally important. Some toothpaste for dogs are laced with artificial ingredients that may not be good for your dog. So, it is important to look for the following when you are searching for the best and most appropriate pet dog toothpaste.

Safe Ingredients

Many commercially available dog toothpaste are marketed as effective in the removal of dog plaque and tartar. Some are often labeled as dog toothpaste tartar control formulation. The problem is that many of these compounds contain ingredients that are not generally considered safe for your dog. As a general rule, artificial sweeteners and alcohol should not be contained in any of the dog toothpaste that you want to use on your dog. Preservatives are also not a good idea. The point is, if you are going to ensure optimum dental care for dogs, then it is best to choose a dog toothpaste that contains all natural ingredients. Dog toothpaste enzymatic formulations are great products as enzymes are natural substances.

Digestible and Palatable

Dogs cannot gargle and spit their toothpastes. As such, they will have to swallow it. It is for this reason that the toothpaste for dogs that you are going to buy should be both palatable and digestible. Our dog toothpaste chicken flavor or a beef flavored dog toothpaste will become a treat for your dog and this will make teeth brushing such a pleasant experience that he will be looking forward to every brushing session.

Stay Away from These Ingredients If Possible

In relation to choosing a safe and effective dog toothpaste, always check the label for the following ingredients. If you see any of these, it will often be a lot better to look for another pet dog toothpaste.

  • Artificial coloring and flavorings which can contain propylene glycol, glycerol monostearate, and phosphoric acid
  • Artificial preservatives like parabens, BHA, ethoxyquin, BHT, and propyl gallate which can act as endocrine disruptors as well as carcinogens
  • Artificial sweeteners like sorbitol and xylitol
  • Fillers such as gluten, soy, and corn especially if these have been produced as GMOs
  • Ingredient related to DEA
  • Fluoride as it can lead to joint pain, increased susceptibility to fractures, and brittle bones
  • Gelatin, soy protein isolate, and sodium laureth sulphate as they tend to be carcinogenic

One sure way to make sure you are using the correct and best toothpaste for dogs is for you to check the label and get only an all natural dog toothpaste. There are many dog toothpaste Amazon sellers. However, you have to check each one of them to make sure that you are ordering only the best dog toothpaste for your canine friend.