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Dog Toothpaste and the Importance of Brushing

Like humans, dogs need meticulous oral care not only to prevent bad breath but more importantly, to prevent the occurrence of periodontal diseases or problems in the area surrounding your dog’s teeth that includes the gums.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal diseases occur when disease-causing bacteria get to grow in the plaque that develops in between teeth. The plaque is a result of food that got stuck in between teeth over time that will leave a thick yet very hard film on the surface of the teeth. This film is what is commonly seen as plaque or tartar and serves as a protective shield for bacteria and other microorganisms to grow underneath. Over time, these microorganisms can irritate the surrounding areas leading to inflammation that is one of the very first signs of periodontal disease in dogs.

This is why it is very important to use the best dog toothpaste to brush your dog’s teeth.

Dog Toothpaste

But, it should not be just any other toothpaste. While common sense will point to the use of ordinary human toothpaste, believing that the fluoride as well as other ingredients that are naturally beneficial to human teeth can also be beneficial for dogs, as an excellent choice for oral care in pet dogs, this is not necessarily so.

And while using home made toothpaste like baking soda may prove to be invaluable in reducing bad breath in dogs, and it may not be the most effective ingredient to remove plaque buildup and eliminate the microorganisms underneath. The most sensible solution is especially formulated toothpaste for dogs.

Expert Views

Dog experts and veterinarians agree that human toothpaste should never be used to brush your dog’s teeth because of the unique characteristics different to each species. Whereas humans can effectively control the rinse in their oral cavities which they can spit out, dogs just cannot be taught to gargle, swirl the mouth rinse in their mouths and then spit it all out. Nature just did not make it that way.

Unfortunately, the toothpaste including the mouth rinse you are going to use will just be swallowed by your dog. And it is an established fact that the digestive system of dogs are not particularly equipped to handle or process fluoride and other chemicals that can lead to gastric upset in your dog, and remember fluoride is poisonous if swallowed.

Since dogs have the natural tendency to swallow everything or anything that is placed in their mouths, it is thus imperative that dog owners only use toothpastes that have been especially formulated for dogs. And not just any dog toothpaste.




What to Look For in Dog Toothpaste

 For starters, dog toothpastes must be safe for the dog that even if it is ingested, your dog will not have other health problems.


  • It should be palatable enough to be liked by your dog. Many dog toothpastes come in a variety of flavors including chicken, beef, lamb, liver, and peanut butter among others.  
  • It should contain natural enzymes such as lactoperoxidase and glucose oxidase to help break down the tartar and plaque buildup as well as control the growth of microorganisms in your dog's mouth as they act as a natural antibacterial agent.  
  • It should contain natural emulsifiers such as tetrapotassium pyrophosphate to further aid in the breakdown of tartar and plaque by removing calcium and magnesium from the saliva, so they can not then deposit on the dogs teeth.  
  • Stay away from dog toothpaste that contains chemicals such as fluoride, Sodium lauryl sulfate which is basically a soap foaming agent, artificial coloring and artificial preservatives as many of these are carcinogenic. Better yet, read the label and do a little research about each ingredient and what it can do for your pet.
  • You can also use a variety of dog chewables like Nylabone dog chews to aid in the overall cleaning of your dogs teeth, all the while showing that having its teeth brushed is not so bad an experience after all. Just make sure that the chewable you are going to give is also safe to be ingested.