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Dog Dentist and Common Oral and Dental Health Problems of Dogs

All living organisms require a healthy and fully optimized dentition in order to stay healthy. This means that, in addition to regular brushing dogs’ teeth and good nutrition, a regular visit to a dog dentist /veterinarian can help prevent and manage some of the common oral and dental health problems of dogs. Here are 5 of them.

Gum Diseases in Dogs

Just like humans, periodontal disease in dogs is a common problem. Bacteria can hide underneath dog plaque and tartar. When this is not removed, it can result in the inflammation of adjacent tissues leading to gum inflammation and gum disease. It is therefore very important for your dog dentist to perform a thorough dog dental cleaning in order to reduce the risk of gum diseases. Like humans, gum diseases in dogs can lead to a host of systemic problems that may require more meticulous and costly treatment. So while you may consider dog teeth cleaning cost as quite expensive, preventing the occurrence of more serious diseases means dog teeth cleaning by a veterinary dog dentist or vet is clearly cheaper. We have a full range of safe to use oral cleaning essentials for dogs avilable to buy online at our website where you will also find only the best dog toothpastes.

Bad Breath

Halitosis or bad dog breath is one of the effects of having harmful bacteria in the mouth. In some cases, dog bad breath is a sign of a more serious health problem, often in the dog’s gastrointestinal system. It is therefore very important that the veterinarian be able to carefully examine the overall state of your dog’s dental health. Dental care for dogs is not limited to only the teeth. It also includes the ruling out of potentially more serious systemic diseases.

Mouth Ulcers

Dog mouth ulcers often result from a variety of factors. However, it is almost always viral in origin. As such, it is important that your dog’s immune system is functioning properly. Dog dental care should also focus on strengthening your dog’s immune system. This means that he needs to get his immune shots as well as a good supply of immune-boosting dog food.

Loose Tooth

While puppies will often have deciduous teeth, meaning they are not as dense or as compact as permanent teeth, if you have an adult dog and he has loose teeth, then it is usually a sign of a problem. A good veterinary dog dentist can figure out exactly what is causing the teeth to loosen up. Oftentimes, nutritional problems are the major culprit. In such cases, your dog dentist might as well perform dog tooth extraction. This is often after your veterinarian has performed a thorough examination of your dog for any other health issue as well as the determination of the tooth’s root.

Crooked Teeth

Whether you like it or not, your dog may have crooked teeth or even teeth misalignment. In such cases, your veterinarian can craft dental braces for dogs in order to align the teeth, especially if the problem is causing your dog not to chew properly or is producing pain on chewing or biting.

Dog dental care requires you to know how to clean dog’s teeth. Additionally, you also have to understand the 5 common problems of dogs’ teeth so that you know what specifically to do to both prevent them and to manage them. If something is amiss, you can always ask for more information about dogs from your veterinarian.