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Deer Antler Dog Chews With Calcium For Optimum Health!

Why deer antler chews you ask? Well for one, after your dog has been chewing on them they do not stain and they don't smell. They are also long lasting and hard as the antlers are made from a bony material. They have a flavor that dogs can detect and have a similar hardness to nylabones. Younger dogs just love to chew and it is those that appreciate deer antlers the most, the antlers are full of nutrients such as calcium for optimum dog health. Regular chewing will also help keep your dogs teeth clean.

Deer antler come in various shapes, thick or thin or straight or branched. A dog will chew and chew as they know that at the center is the tastiest part similar to bone marrow. They are generally grayish beige or white and you may well notice that your dog will chew some quicker than others as some are softer and some harder. Each deer antler chew you give your dog will become a new challenge.