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Bully Sticks – Are They Good for Your Dog?

All dogs deserve to have healthy dog treats from time to time. Especially when you are training your dog to follow basic obedience commands, you will need a ready treat which your dog will surely love. Additionally, since dogs have a natural tendency to chew on things, primarily to vent out their angst and frustrations, giving dogs the best dog dental chews is something that all pet owners have to consider. And while there are so many commercially available dog chews in the market today, many dog owners are finding bully sticks to be quite a treat for their canine friends.

Ever wonder why they call these dog chews as bully sticks? Actually, if one of your requirement for a safe and effective dog chew is the naturalness of its ingredients, then bully sticks are simply the best choice for you. These healthy dog treats contain not five, not four, and definitely not three ingredients. Believe it or not, it is composed of just a single ingredient – bull’s pizzle. Well, they call it pizzle rather than its more common name of dried bull penis. Yes! You read it right. Bully sticks are nothing else than a thoroughly dried bull’s penis; hence, bully stick.

Now the question most first-time users will ask is if pizzle sticks are really safe for dogs. Just imagine your dog chewing on dried bull’s penis, we mean pizzle, and you can see perhaps your neighbors raising their eyebrows over what you are giving your dog. But, being logical, bull’s pizzle is not dangerous nor is it unhealthy. It is primarily composed of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and other tissues that are similar to other parts of a cow or bull. The added advantage of bully sticks to other types of natural dog dental chews like rawhides is that it is fully digestible. This means that your dog will not really have any issues with intestinal obstruction as well as difficulty passing his stools.

Excellent Source Of Protien 

Being primarily composed of dried meat, these treats make excellent sources of animal protein. This is needed by your dog to build tissues as well as help facilitate enzymatic reactions needed in a variety of metabolic processes. In other words, it is one of the healthiest dog treats that you can ever find and give to your beloved pooch.

These healthy dog treats are thoroughly cleaned and air dried before being slow-roasted to seal in the beefy goodness. The manufacturing process does not require any preservatives or even artificial flavorings which should be an additional benefit for your dog. Many dog treats and dog chews in the market today are laced with so many additives from coloring to flavoring to humectants and to preservatives. Bully sticks are processed in such a way that there is simply no need to add anything else. All your dog will get is a flavorful and very healthy doggie treat. And with a 3-year shelf life, you can simply store your ample supply of bully sticks for your dog to enjoy for a few years.

Now, don’t you think it’s about time you give your dog bully sticks as a healthy dog treat alternative