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Bully Sticks Made of USDA Inspected Free Ranging Beef

Bully sticks are another great chewing and teeth cleaning option for your dog. We offer the best bully sticks on the market. They are hormone-free, chemical-free and antibiotic-free and made of USDA inspected free ranging beef. They will settle your dog while cleaning the teeth and freshen the breath. They will not stain a carpet or upholstery and teething puppies love them. Although many think of them as rawhide chew, bully sticks are actually bull penises which have been dried from free range Brazilian cattle. Although they do not sound very appealing to us, dogs love bully sticks and some may prefer them to rawhide. Bully sticks are high in protein and low in fat.

It is recommended that you choose a thicker stick for a larger dog with a stronger jaw. It should take about 30 minutes for a dog to chew a full stick, if your dog is chewing the bully stick faster than this then we would advise on a harder chew or just use bully sticks as extra treats. All bully sticks are USDA-FDA approved and tested E-Coli and salmonella free.